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March 29, 2016 Mike Myers

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.39.01 AMIkea’s Augmented Reality Home Planner app
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Take a trip with me down a little road I like to call an analogy.

In this trip, it’s the early 1900s and you own a general store. Your customers can get to your store from many directions but, as it turns out, the majority of them travel the same road to get to you. This information is very important because, if you knew this, you could make sure that road is always clear and it’s easy to reach your store, right?

Welcome back to 2016, where the majority of Internet traffic — 56 percent of it — is coming to your store (okay, your brand) through a mobile device. Can your customers find what they need from your brand on their mobile device?

Is your mobile road clear?

What is clear is that content marketers need to understand and have a plan for the rapidly dominant mobile channel or risk the fate of the general store itself. Fortunately, there are brands embracing this change today and doing quite well. Here are a few examples:

Ikea created a mobile app called the Augmented Reality Home Planner that lets users see what furniture will look like in an existing room before they buy. Nice.

Innovator 3M integrated its popular Notes Storage app with note-taking app Evernote to help people organize and store photos of real-life Post-it notes on their mobile devices. Smart.

And clothing marketer The North Face uses geo-fencing to allow its customers opt-in to text-based reminders when people are within a certain range of a store — 65% of customers report making a purchase as a result of the reminders. Wow!

If you’re still learning about mobile, CMI has you covered. From creating content that engages mobile users to creating a mobile-first content marketing strategy, there are many ways you can up your mobile game.

And, if you’re truly ready to embrace mobile as part of your content marketing program, you need to find your way to Content Marketing World 2016 this September. There will be four different sessions focused exclusively on mobile strategies, all featuring industry experts who can arm you with the knowledge you need to implement what you’ve learned.

Oh, and a recent Rock Hall inductee will be there, too! Ain’t that a shame?

Since you’re probably ready to sign up, let’s just head on over to the Content Marketing World 2016 registration page right now and get started! Use code BLOG100 to save $100 off of current rates!

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