Managing Content Throughout its Lifecycle: A #CMWorld with Hilary Marsh

April 13, 2016 Cathy McPhillips

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.25.08 AMAs a marketer, are you thinking about your content’s lifecycle — and do you even know what that is? Hilary Marsh, our special guest, tells us, “It’s the idea that content is created with a finite lifespan. Lifecycles ensure that content is created to be marketable and that it doesn’t stay online after its value is over.” Hilary, Founder and Chief Content and Digital Strategist of Content Company, joined our recent #CMWorld Twitter chat to share ideas and resources on how markers should manage all. this. content.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.25.39 AM

A few highlights of the chat are below. Visit this week’s Storify for even more great conversations on this topic.

We asked: What are some of the biggest frustrations when managing content? And two big answers came up:


Yep, know this one. Too many silos, too many definitions across org of what content and isn’t. #CMWorld

— Mike Turner (@av8r2000) April 12, 2016

@hilarymarsh YES! Unless you’ve got a 100 technical writers, let content come from the experts. Marketers shape, promote, optimize #CMWorld

— Todd Sledzik (@tsledzik) April 12, 2016


A6: Big frustration in managing content = poor content tagging / inconsistent taxonomy & metadata = unfindable. #cmworld

— Shelly Lucas (@pisarose) April 12, 2016

A6. Make sure you use the right tags and think about SEO from day 1. Leaving it til the end can lead to lots of frustration. #CMWorld

— Reva Minkoff (@revaminkoff) April 12, 2016

We also asked: What are some of the biggest frustrations when managing content — and how can these be solved? We had three distinct answers.

A5. I hate team responsibility…1 person must be responsible, otherwise no accountability #cmworld

— traci browne (@tracibrowne) April 12, 2016

A5. Believe it’s important to have 2 people w/ “authority.” One is the creative (the author). Second is the administrator (process) #cmworld

— Judy Gombita (@jgombita) April 12, 2016

A5: Team effort. It helps when someone has a fresh perspective on content & different knowledge & skills than the original author. #cmworld

— Netvantage Marketing (@netvantage) April 12, 2016

A big thank you to all that joined us today! What great conversations!

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