The Human Economy and Content Marketing: A #CMWorld Chat with Bryan Kramer

August 3, 2016 Cathy McPhillips

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In his book Shareology, Bryan Kramer talks about the importance of human-to-human interactions, sharing, and what motivates us to do so. This applies to marketing and content marketing because these actions can make or break an influencer marketing program. Bryan joined us for our weekly #CMWorld Twitter chat to help us bridge the gap between these concepts. And per usual, our community jumped right in and added their experiences.

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A few highlights of the chat are below. Visit this week’s Storify for even more great conversations on this topic.

Our chat participants agree: we share because we want – and need – a connection. Sharing provides this.

A2. Humans share to provide value to the people they care about and from a desire to connect to those around them. #CMWorld

— Reva Minkoff (@revaminkoff) August 2, 2016

A2: Humans share to have common ground. When you stop sharing, you stop having shared experience. Things fall apart. #CMWorld

— Maureen Jann (@MaureenOnPoint) August 2, 2016

A2: Sharing is a fundamental human need. There is only one reason we do it, to “connect” #CMWorld

— Bryan Kramer (@bryankramer) August 2, 2016

A2: We share bc content moves us at an emotional level. Content marketers must create an emotional connection. (1/2) #CMWorld @CMIContent

— Marcel Digital (@marceldigital) August 2, 2016

Sharing and influencer marketing go hand-in-hand, and brands CAN do this well. But it takes time.

A4. To build your reputation, connect with your audience. When you gain widespread respect, THEN you can become an influencer. #CMWorld

— Movéo (@moveo) August 2, 2016

A4: @revaminkoff Absolutely! Relevancy is key in gaining trust & authenticity the key to retention. #CMworld

— Ehsan (@eksays) August 2, 2016

A4: It’s obvious whether you see connections as people or objects to leverage. You really CAN be human AND on-brand. I promise. #CMWorld

— Patrick Hayslett (@PatrickHayslett) August 2, 2016

Thank you all for a great chat! We’d love to share even more with you and connect with all of you at Content Marketing World! Only a few weeks away!

See Brian speak more about the art and science of sharing during his session on influencer marketing at Content Marketing World this September, and then stick around for Friday’s industry lab on higher education. Use code BLOG100 when you register to save an extra $100.

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