Twitter Chats & Content Marketing: A #CMWorld Chat with Monina Wagner

October 12, 2016 Monina Wagner


The #CMWorld Twitter chat began as an experiment – a way to generate interest in our in-person event, Content Marketing World. Two years later, it has since become a weekly check-in for industry friends. The hour-long chat provides marketers with a break (albeit a productive one) from content creation.

This week, Content Marketing Institute Community Manager Monina Wagner joined us to share her expertise on Twitter chats.  If you are looking to start a Twitter chat or want to improve your experience as a guest, read on.

A few takeaways from the chat are below. Visit this chat’s Storify to see more tweets on this topic.


Use chats to achieve multiple goals

We all lead busy lives with filled calendars. So we must consider why we would want to devote time and energy into a Twitter chat. If you are fully invested, chats can help you reach several goals.

A3: Feedback from a chat can help someone tailor their content or targeting. It’s a peek at what other pros are doing right now. #CMWorld

— Josh Flagner (@RailbirdJ) October 11, 2016

A3: personal brand building, following trends, tips for building great content, access to SUPER smart people #CMWorld

— Maureen Jann (@MaureenOnPoint) October 11, 2016

A3: Chats help with understanding new ideas. What are folks talking about, what’s important, what am I not thinking about? #CMWorld

— Sue Brady (@SueBrady) October 11, 2016

A2 as a participant, I make time for chats to stay on top of industry news. Have time for 140 characters and not entire articles. #CMWorld

— Monina Wagner (@MoninaW) October 11, 2016

Attain meaning connections for real value

With chats, it’s not only about what you know, but who you know. Creating friendships and fostering those relationships can be one of the greatest benefits of Twitter chats.

A3: Resources! It builds a community of people wanting to help each other. #CMWorld

— Alex Crump (@alcrump12) October 11, 2016

A3: A twitter chat can provide much needed social time! Some of us (like me) spend most of the day working solo. #CMWorld

— Bill Widmer (@BillWidmer1) October 11, 2016

A3 Even potential clients and referrals! #cmworld

— Linda Dessau (@lindadessau) October 11, 2016

Visit the CMI blog and our social media topics page to learn why social media is critical to your content marketing success. And of course, join us every Tuesday at 12pm EDT on our #CMWorld Twitter chats.

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