Content Marketing Resolutions: A #CMWorld Chat with Stephanie Stahl

January 12, 2017 Monina Wagner


Did you make a new year’s resolution for 2017?

While many people vow to lose weight or get out of debt, marketers tend to have a whole host of resolutions specific to their work lives.

To avoid falling flat, we asked our #CMWorld Twitter community to share what goals they are pursuing and how they plan to stick with their resolutions. We were also joined by special guest, Stephanie Stahl, General Manager of Content Marketing Institute. What follows is advice they had to help see your content marketing resolutions through and make some long-term changes at the office. To gather more insight from our community, check out our Storify from the chat.



Plan, plan, and plan

Chat participants agreed: one way to keep resolutions on track is by having a solid plan. In fact, our latest research finds 61% of the most effective B2B marketers are those who have a documented strategy. Having a plan helps marketers focus on milestones and manage tasks consistently.

@CMIContent A1: Staying organized and working on better content in general! #CMWorld

— Stephanie Zatyko (@ExperianDQSteph) January 10, 2017

A1: Having a documented editorial calendar!! Even though nothing goes exactly as planned, it’s important to have this documented. #CMWorld

— Mary Becker (@marylizbecker) January 10, 2017

A1: be more intentional with setting goals and intentions for each piece of content, including emails as content! #cmworld

— Maureen Jann (@MaureenOnPoint) January 10, 2017

A1 When we’ve spent time researching, thinking, and polishing our own content, it’s really paid off. We’re doubling down on that. #CMWorld

— David McGuire (@McGuireDavid) January 10, 2017

Always be learning

With an ever-changing business, marketers need to be introduced to new skills and emerging strategies. Lifelong learning ensures we have the proper resources in our toolbox to serve the needs of our teams and clients. Our community is looking to improve its skills in a variety of areas, from digging deeper into analytics to brushing up on video production skills.

A7: This year I need to focus on learning Persona Development, part of really understanding our audience! #CMWorld

🎙JMatt (@JMattMke) January 10, 2017

A7- SOFTSKILLS!!! How to communicate. How to focus and see opportunities. How to work with people who don’t always “get it” #cmworld

— James Ellis (@thewarfortalent) January 10, 2017

A7) I’m always refining my design skills. It’s a lifelong learning process. #CMWorld

— Travis Farrenkopf (@tfarrenkopf) January 10, 2017

Let’s keep each other accountable as the year progresses. What content marketing resolutions did you make this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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