Empathy and Content Marketing: A #CMWorld Chat with Jason Schemmel

February 6, 2017 Monina Wagner


We all know content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable content. To do this, it’s important we center our content around our customer. When brands relate with their community, they can connect on a more human level while demonstrating their knowledge in a subtle way. This is empathy, a genuine and simple understanding of our audience. If we, as marketers, can demonstrate a level of empathy towards our customers, we will inspire them to share our message and continue their loyalty for the brand.

Our #CMWorld community explored how empathy can create awareness, increase conversion, and retain customers on a recent Twitter chat. We were joined by special guest Jason Schemmel, Social Media Manager at HarperCollins Christian Publishing and regular on our weekly chat.


Place empathy at the center of your efforts

Humans have a fundamental need to connect. Take a trip in your customer’s shoes, feel what they feel, and see what they see. Customers will connect with your content if it is driven by empathy. Putting the needs of your audience first will improve customer satisfaction and encourage their journey through the funnel.

@JasonSchemmel When you demonstrate empathy, u show people u matter to them which is everything isn’t it?! #cmworld

— Carrie Eddins (@blondepreneur) January 24, 2017

A1: Empathy makes u a better writer (and person). You’ll be able to relate to readers problems & write 2 solve them. #cmworld

— Lisa Dougherty (@BrandLoveLLC) January 24, 2017

A1: Empathy is understanding and sharing the feelings of others. How else can you help them if you don’t first understand them? #cmworld

— Mike Myers (@mikemyers614) January 24, 2017

A2: We form a deep, meaningful bond w/ our audience when we produce content that shows we understand their wants & needs. #CMWorld

— Jason Schemmel (@JasonSchemmel) January 24, 2017


Empathy starts at “home”

Decision-makers may not appreciate content that isn’t strictly focused on promoting your products. But they do understand empathy taps into the deep emotions of customers. So how can executives foster a supportive environment that practices an empathetic strategy? Our chat participants shared their opinions and agree:  You can’t expect others to exercise empathy if you don’t practice it yourself.

A5: Be an example for your team. It all starts with you taking action and making a change first. #CMWorld

— Express Writers (@ExpWriters) January 24, 2017

A5 I think it’s as simple as looking for opportunities to connect with your teams. Open-door policies and idea-building help. #CMWorld

— Travis Farrenkopf (@tfarrenkopf) January 24, 2017

A5. BE EMPATHETIC. Treat your employees as your audience – and repeat all the advice we just gave. #CMWorld (Or, shower us w/ money!) J/K! pic.twitter.com/uTo8g4YmLB

— Ben H. Rome (@bhrome) January 24, 2017

How are you using empathy in your work? Have you seen any brands excel in their human-to-human interactions? Let us know in the comments below.

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