Digital Asset Management (DAM): A #CMWorld Chat with Theresa Regli

February 16, 2017 Monina Wagner


Digital Asset Management (DAM) may be intimidating to many but it’s now being introduced as a necessity to marketers. There is great power of a centralized system that organizes an organization’s digital assets.

To help us understand the fundaments of DAM, Theresa Regli, Principal Analyst at Real Story Group, joined us for a recent #CMWorld Twitter chat. More of our conversation can be found in our Storify recap.


DAM is more than a storage solution

DAM software offers much needed consistency among organizations. DAMs offer more than Dropbox or Google Drive in that it gives marketers a strategic way of managing assets.

A2 Drive & Dropbox don’t have custom taxonomy & metadata. You must explicitly share out things–b/c it’s a personal repository. #cmworld

— Emily Ann Kolvitz (@ekolvitz) February 14, 2017

A2. Those DAM systems allow digital assets to be versioned and searched. They also control access like dropbox, etc. #cmworld

— Tod Cordill (@todcordill) February 14, 2017

A2: A #DAM can be simple FTP. For a business-enterprise DAM, it’s storage & serving & governance. Oh my. #cmworld #intelcontent

— Buddy Scalera (@BuddyScalera) February 14, 2017

Many benefits of a DAM

For organizations with libraries of content, DAM solutions can provide many advantages.

A4: top benefit IMO eliminates chaos #CMWorld #intelcontent

— Josephine Borrillo (@70mq) February 14, 2017

A4. It’s the central source of truth. Use embed codes or links for content, update content in DAM, changes reflect everywhere. #cmworld

— Nate Holmes (@nate_holmes) February 14, 2017

A4 A DAM makes it easy to audit your digital content assets, and provides a central place from which to distribute them. #cmworld

— Martin Lieberman (@martinlieberman) February 14, 2017

A4: Benefits of a #digitalassetmanagement tool: outlining workflows, creative reviews, easy collaboration, storage, version control #cmworld

— Michael Becker (@mjbecker_) February 14, 2017

Great resources were also uncovered during our chat

What’s your experience with DAM systems? Let us know in the comments below.

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