Content Marketing in the Machine Age: A #CMWorld Chat with Paul Roetzer

March 9, 2017 Monina Wagner

Artificial intelligence (AI) may sound like it comes out of a thriller flick, but today, AI is making marketing more science than art. On a recent #CMWorld Twitter chat, Paul Roetzer, founder of PR 20/20 and the creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, discussed the future of content marketing. And the future looks bright. What follows is a recap of Roetzer’s chat, including why he believes AI’s impact on marketing will be significant. For more on the topic, be sure to check out our Storify.

Who benefits? Marketers have mixed feelings.

A7: So large enterprises are more likely to see short-term benefits from AI investments. #CMWorld (2/3)

— Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer) March 7, 2017

A7: I don’t think it’s a choice anymore. Technology will be in the hands of everyone soon. Brands need to get smart about AI. #CMWorld

— Mike Myers (@mikemyers614) March 7, 2017

A7 SMBs are an ideal group for AI solutions. They are prone to share what they know as kind of an “open source” sharing community. #CMWorld

— Amy Bryson (@abryson) March 7, 2017

Leverage AI now.

A4: Content marketers have to become increasingly comfortable with the pace of technology change, and data. #CMWorld (1/4)

— Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer) March 7, 2017

A4: The number one skill is, to understand how AI works, #cmworld

— Manuel Feldmann (@ManuelFeldmann) March 7, 2017

A4: I think it’s less about skills, more about characteristics. You’ve got to be inquisitive, tech-embracing. #CMWorld

— Stacey Sayer (@sassymarketeer) March 7, 2017

Roetzer also shared with chat participants several resources on the topic:

What are the most exciting applications of AI you’re seeing right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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