If you want to compete, engage the C-Suite

June 21, 2017 Mike Myers

Unless you own your own company, you have a boss. In many cases, your boss has a boss – and that boss may have a boss. In larger organizations, it’s not uncommon for there to be seven or eight layers from the CEO to the front line.

There are good things about that kind of structure – job security, future growth opportunities – but it also means you may have to gain multiple levels of approval for your content marketing plans.

So, what’s a marketer to do?

One suggestion is to listen to people like Michael Brenner. He knows how to justify content marketing to the so-called C-Suite because he helps his clients do it for a living. Check out this video from his Content Marketing World presentation in 2016:

Some good information right there. Let’s summarize the big points:

First, know your audience

  • Your executives are grumpy: 74% of CEOs are unhappy with their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • They are no longer willing to accept marketing that doesn’t deliver results
  • Your ability to demonstrate results is critical

Marketing has a marketing problem

  • Most people think of ads and brochures
  • They don’t just think of us as sales, but sleazy sales people
  • And, with things like auto play videos and banner ads, we aren’t helping our cause

Pray and spray tactics just don’t work (yet we still do it)

  • People today use just three primary tactics: search, email and social media
  • People also don’t want to hear about you, they want a solution to their problem
  • Content marketing lets you reach, engage and convert people who may not know your brand at all

Michael also reminds us to answer a person’s most basic questions. What happens? They will come to you with the next question. And the next (and you win).

Finally, I’ll just leave this here:

“The buyer’s journey doesn’t start with a search for your product.”


If you want to learn more about the critical topics all marketers need to know when adding content marketing to the mix, like getting buy-in from the executive suite, learn from the experts like Michael. Come to Content Marketing World 2017, September 5-8 in Cleveland. Code BLOG100 saves $100! Register today!

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