Comment on Higher Education: How to Raise Your Content Marketing Game by This is Marketing Podcast

June 20, 2017 This is Marketing Podcast

HE content marketing is all about creating brand experience. Find what is unique about your University by sitting down and talking with you students. Let them tell your story for you, by the experiences they have lived through. If you can show this on the channels prospective students are engaging your brand on, as Gina mentions, it’s an ace for sure.

The mistake marketers are making is capturing staged environments creating lookalike visuals that everyone else has been doing for years. Next time you are at a college fair, pick up as many print pieces as you can and block out the University name – what is different? Not much.

Social media take overs, vlogs and video content is worth the investment because it allows prospective students to visualize themselves in real environments. Once you find out what makes your campus unique, it will feel more authentic to your audiences.

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Super helpful! As someone aiming to get into content strategy at my agency this website has been a gold min...

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Comment on 5 Editorial Experiments You May Want to Try by Michele Linn

Thanks for your ideas as well!

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