Thinking of attending a marketing conference this year? CMWorld reviews can help

July 7, 2017 Mike Myers

Image source: Lisa Chalaidopoulos-Isaacs

Yes, it’s that time again. For many of us, it’s time for mid-year reviews. Kind of like that annoying game your elementary school teachers used to play when they asked everyone on the first day of school, “Now, tell the class what you did over the summer.”

Except worse.

Mid-year reviews, for those who don’t participate, have great intentions. They’re designed to be a performance update between a manager and his or her direct report. Kind of a check-in, you know, so performance isn’t just a once-a-year thing. Except now it’s a twice-a-year thing. Nice idea, but not always helpful.

What can be helpful are the reviews we receive from last year’s attendees who provided their own thoughts about the conference after attending CMWorld in 2016. If you’re looking for actual attendee opinions about CMWorld, in their own words, you’ve come to the right place.

As you’ll see, some have attended multiple times, while others were first-timers — or didn’t attend at all. Some came alone, while others traveled as part of a group. In hopes that their verbatim feedback might help you, we’re sharing it here:

“As a first time #CMWorld attendee, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But as soon as I downloaded the conference app, I felt like part of the CMWorld family. Ahead of the conference, I connected with attendees and organized my agenda on the app and, through my interactions with other attendees, I learned that the colour orange was strongly encouraged. I planned all of my outfits around the colour orange! (Yes, I became a member of the Orange Pants Society!). I can’t wait to go back in 2017!”

Lisa Chalaidopoulos-Isaacs
Manager, Digital Content & Search

“Content Marketing World offers a really unique opportunity in a world of bland, generic marketing conferences. With all of the different tracks, there’s something relevant for everyone without losing depth or specificity. And it’s totally different content every year, so I’m happy to go again…. and again… and again. It’s just been a really well put together conference every time I’ve gone.”

Anne Grunwell
Content Marketing Specialist
Frontline Education

“I was unable to attend the show, but purchased the post-show video access. As a large company that is just starting to tip our toe into content marketing, I thought some of the presentations would be helpful for me and my colleagues. I honestly have not watched one yet where I didn’t learn something or that I did not enjoy. If you cannot make it to the show, or even if you did, I would recommend this post-show video access to everyone.”

Ashley Johnson
Business Development Lead

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts!

We encourage you to reach out and learn as much as you can about the different conferences available. There are a lot of great opportunities to learn out there and we’re flattered you may be considering ours.

Do you have other questions about our annual conference and expo? Reach out to the #CMWorld community on Twitter. It’s a fun and smart bunch, and they’d love to help any way they’re able.

Regardless of whether you choose to attend Content Marketing World or another event, the choice to invest in yourself is always a wise one. And you’ll have a great answer for what you did this summer.

If you want to learn more about the critical topics all marketers need to know when adding content marketing to the mix, come to Content Marketing World 2017, September 5-8 in Cleveland. It’s a great way to invest in yourself! And, Code BLOG100 saves $100! Register today!

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